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Let’s Talk Dental Tech

Picture this - You're sitting in a chair at your dentist's office, waiting for your appointment to begin. The dental hygienist is placing your patient bib around your neck while you look around, wondering what all of the fancy gadgets and gizmos (shoutout to the Little Mermaid!) around you even do. It can be very intimidating, and not to mention scary, for someone with dental anxiety to see all of the equipment around you and not know what it’s used for. If you’re thinking of the Dentist from ‘Little Shop of Horrors,’ we feel you… Well, fear not - we’re going to take today to walk you through some of the advanced technology that is used and what you can find at our practice, Deliz Dental Studio! 

If you're unfamiliar with technology in the dental industry, you should know it has come a VERY long way! Believe it or not, according to the American Dentist Association, dentistry has been around since 5000 BC when Ancient Sumerians first referred to tooth decay in written text as "tooth worms" (EW!). Can you imagine being told you have "tooth worms"?! No, thank you! Additionally, early dental technology included mechanical dental drills operated by a hand crank in the late 18th century to the "lost wax" casting machine, allowing dentists to make precision cast fillings in 1905.

Luckily, thanks to significant strides made throughout history, we now have incredibly advanced technology to pursue new clinical skills, techniques, and treatments to ensure patients receive the best available solutions. Now, buckle in as we take a deep dive into some of the comprehensive technology we offer our patients at our office. 



You likely already know that we use only high-quality water for our patients! Our VistaPureWater Purification System provides two grades of high-quality water for autoclaves, dental bottles, ultrasonic cleaners, and the rinse cycle of instrument washers. The system connects directly to the city water supply and sends high-quality water anywhere we need it in the steri-center for easy, on-demand use. 

SO, what does this even mean?! VistaPure™ produces non-corrosive quality water, meaning it does not cause damage and also minimizes the amount of wastewater produced during filtration. So not only are you getting the very best water, but it's environmentally friendly. Double bonus!


Taking pictures of the entire mouth can be challenging! Luckily, we use intraoral cameras, an incredibly effective tool that enables us to capture high-quality images of your teeth, gums, and hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. These painless high-tech cameras look similar to a pen with an LED light and can help communicate and educate patients - especially our patients who don't love going to the dentist. This tool allows us to explain the extent of your dental situation and accurately detect any early oral health problems you may have. 

It's lightweight, it's less invasive, it's quick, it can zoom, it can rotate; basically, it's the coolest pen we will ever own! Furthermore, this pen allows us to diagnose your teeth problems accurately tracking your progress, allowing us to advise of necessary changes in your treatment giving you less anxiety and more understanding of what is going on with your oral health. A win-win! 


Now, if you aren't impressed yet (pun intended), just wait until you hear about our intraoral scanners! Gone are the days of that icky, goopy, impression material. Remember when you had to make impressions for your retainers after you finally got your braces off, and you had to put that gross bright pink material in your mouth and try not to choke? Then, when it was time to take it out, the entire mold basically ripped all of your teeth out?! Well, guess what! We now have something 1,000 times better.

Let us introduce you to intraoral scanners, a hygienic, intelligent scanning experience that effortlessly takes a 3D digital dental impression of your mouth. Not only does this process take only a few minutes, but our patients can see an accurate and detailed 3D image of their teeth! Crazy right?! This intuitive scanner is highly beneficial for us to create a precise treatment plan for things like clear aligners, and even better, it's so quick that you are in and out of your appointment in no time! 


We know you might be freaked out by the word "laser," but we swear it's nothing to fear! Our unique dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser is fast, smooth, and efficient for procedures that require precise cutting through gums. We promise these lasers are less painful and cause less discomfort, minimize bleeding, and lower the risk of infection than other lasers.  

This laser simplifies procedures like gingivectomy, surgical removal of gum tissue, or implant recovery. We always put our patients first, which is why we use a powerful laser that creates less damage and does not sacrifice your comfort! 


At Deliz Dental Studio, we are always looking for the best, most advanced technology for our patients! You can say we are pretty trendy in the dental world. With that being said, soon our office will be equipped with a CBCT! What is that you ask? A CBCT is a dental cone beam computed tomography. We know that is a mouthful! Essentially, it is a super fancy x-ray that produces 3D images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone in a single scan! In our industry, this is a big deal! 

A CBCT can help with surgical planning for impacted teeth, evaluation of your jaw, accurate placement of dental implants, diagnosing temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), and more! Even better, it takes between 20-40 seconds and is 100% painless. 


Last but not least, we couldn't end this blog without speaking about our convenient and user-friendly check-in system for our patients. If you love our check-in system and online scheduling platform, raise your hand! Our check-in and scheduling software makes it easy for our patients to schedule an appointment online 24/7 and see openings in real time! This means no double bookings or missed appointment requests on our side to make sure we stay productive and open for you! 

Similarly, our virtual check-in allows our patients to fill out paperwork before their appointment and let us know they have safely arrived. It eliminates wait times, and there is no need to download yet another app on your phone! We hate that! 

Speaking of which, are you due for an appointment? Or, looking for a new dentist? We are here for you! Schedule an appointment easily at or give us a call at 813-755-1800. 


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